Aeromaster 72-114: B-24 Liberators

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

This is the second sheet of European based B-24s. All of them are in the easy to paint OD over neutral grey with various colors on the outer fin and engine cowlings. This 1997 sheet suggests the Minicraft series of B-24s and I'd echo that this is probably the best one on the market at this time. However, if your penchant is for older kits with rivets, then I'm sure that the Airfix kit would work just as well.

 First aircraft is 'Foil Proof' from the 453 BG. This B-24H-20 has white engine cowl fronts with yellow spinners. There is only the white unit stripe on the fin.

'Naughty Nan' is a B-24H-15 from the 446th BG. It has a yellow outer fin, and a yellow band behind the engine cowlings. The one cowling shown in white is a replacement in natural metal.

Another B-24H-15 is 'The Sharon D' from the 489th BG. FOr color, this one has a green and white tail.

Finally, the red tailed B-24J-140 is 'Parsons Chariot' from the 466 BG. It had yellow cowl rings and spinners. The cowl flaps themselves are probably bare metal. Notice the difference in the bomb aimers compartment on the J as compared to the H.

This set has another smaller sheet of insignia so you could do all four subjects on this sheet if you are so inclined.

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