Aeromaster 72-113: B-24s over Europe pt 1

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken


B-24 kits in 1/72 are not that difficult to find. There are the old standbys from Airfix and Revell as well as newer kits from Minicraft. These later kits will undoubtedly be what is chosen by the majority of builders as they offer the benefits of newer tooling and crisper molds. However, don't overlook the older ones as they are often much less expensive!

This particular sheet has four B-24H/J Liberators on it. All are painted in Olive Drab over Neutral grey and have large nose art and colorful fin markings.

First is a B-24J from the 93rd BG. 'Sweater Girl' has a large shark mouth and a colorful yellow fin with black stripe on it.

Next is 'Double Trouble' a B-24H from the 467th BG. It has a red fin with white stripe.

'Gipsy Queen' is a 44 BG B-24J. It has a bare metal fin with silver rudder (I think they were fabric covered) and a black stripe.

Finally is a B-24H from the 445th BG. This one is called 'Blasted Event' and just has a white rudder stripe.

I seem to recall that many B-24 Groups also painted half of the upper vertical stabilizer in some sort of color or design, but none of these planes is indicated as having been so marked.

All of the nose art decals are two parters. One section is the color and the other is the black outlines.

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