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 Aeromaster 72-075 for Mediterranean Bf-109s of JG 53




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Scott Van Aken



Amongst the many units of the Luftwaffe, JG 53 was one of the more interesting from a modeler's standpoint. The unit was never shy about trying different camouflage schemes when the circumstances dictated. This particular sheet if for some of the aircraft based around the Mediterranean basin during 1942-43. The schemes are mostly on 109F and G models. Your best kit for reproducing these schemes is the Hasegawa 1/72 Bf-109G-6 kit (which has appeared in a bunch of boxings). You want the one with the normal canopy. As for doing one as an F that may be a bit more difficult as the wheels and windscreen were different from the later Gs. You can substitute E wheels for the early G models before the upper wing wheel fairings were used as those were the greatest difference. Just be sure not to glue on the upper cowl cannon bulges for the G-2 and G-4 versions. It may not be perfect, but it is close.

There are five schemes on the sheet with lots of insignia and data markings.

First is an F-4 piloted by Obl. von Maltzahn when he was Geschwader kommodore. It is standard RLM 74/75/76 with the white fuselage band and a yellow lower cowling. His large score is on the rudder.

A G-2/trop is next with markings for Lt Crinius circa 1943. This is painted in RLM 79/80 uppers with an RLM 78 lower. The upper scheme is rather splotchy. It also has a white fuselage band and score on the rudder.

Obl. Tonne's G-4 is in the same colors as the previous aircraft, though in a different pattern. This aircraft has wite wing tips in addition to the fuselage band. His kill score is also on the rudder.

Ofwbl Rollwage's G-6 is very standard in RLM 74/75/76. The only stand out is the white rudder with his large score on it and the white spiral rudder.

Finally (not shown) is White 1, and F-4 of Obl. Michalski. It is painted exactly like the first aircraft and has his kill score on the rudder.

Any of these ace's aircraft will be a nice addition to your 109 collection.

Review copy courtesy of my ever-expanding decal collection.

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