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Aeromaster 72-041 for Bf-109K




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Scott Van Aken


"Reich Defense Part II"`


Did I mention that I'm buying up all the Aeromaster 1/72 sheets I think I'll ever use? Well add this one to the list. While it is called 'Reich Defense Part II', it is really a Bf-109K-4 sheet. The K version was actually the last 109 model to be made and had the war continued, it would have stopped coming off the production lines in June of 1945, to be replaced by jets.

Those modeling 109s also know that in 1/72 you have a choice of one kit. That being the very good Heller/Airfix kit. If you have the initial Heller boxing of the 109K, you will find that it is more like a G-14 version than any K you have ever seen. Though it traces its roots back to the mid 1980s, the Heller K is still quite nice. You will have to overlook the raised detail and probably the weak wheels, but there are enough aftermarket bits for this plane to bring it up to a high standard.

As with most late war planes, there are a number of rather odd colors used on these aircraft, including the greenish yellow underside color some call RLM 84. Of course, no documentation has ever been found of this color, but photographic evidence shows it quite clearly.

Due to the basic simplicity of the markings (mostly just numbers and insignia) there are seven aircraft on this sheet. Though not enough insignia for all of them, finding replacements should not be tough if you want to do them all. In fact, Aeromaster gives data for three planes. It also provides a decal for the wavy line wing leading edges often found on planes during this period. Good luck matching the color!

Starting at the top is an RLM 81/82/84 plane from III./JG 27 with RLM 76 under the wings and tailplanes.

Yellow 4 is RLM 75/82/76 from 11./JG 3

Next is Yellow 1 also from 11./JG 3 in RLM 75/82/76. This one has the 'last three' of the serial spray painted on the aft fuselage.

White 1 is from 1./JG 77 in RLM 75/82/76 with an RLM 81/82 fin. This plane has the wavy line wing leading edge.

Blue 7 is an RLM 81/82/84 K-4 from 12./JG 27. It has wing and stabilizer undersides in RLM 76 and has a green fuselage band.

The next plane is from an unknown unit and also in RLM 81/82/84 with RLM 76 wing and stabilizer undersides. The last three of the serial are on the aft fuselage.

Finally, not shown is another 11./JG 27 K-4 in RLM 81/82/76.

Any of these schemes will look great on your next Heller K-4.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet!!

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