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 Aeromaster 72-021 Italian AF Bf-109G/K




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Few realize this, but Italy was the largest user of the Bf-109 outside of the Luftwaffe. From early 1943 until the end of the war in may 1945, the Italians received several hundred aircraft. Though not as lithe and maneuverable as Italian designed aircraft, the 109 was appreciated for its speed and armament. After the surrender of Italy in September 1943, a new air force in the northern part of the country under Mussolini was formed, the ANR. This force was in combat from the very first until the very end of the fascist regime in the north.

This is an early (1993) Aeromaster 1/72 sheet as the decal placement guide is in shades of grey and not the more vibrant color of later years. There are seven schemes, though in actuality, you can do more than that for there are extra numbers  and badges to allow you to do several 150 gruppo aircraft. Most are G variants as the Italians only received three Bf-109Ks before the end of the war.

First is a 109G-6/R6 aircraft from 365 Squadriglia in standard RLM 74/75/76 paint with white Med Theater markings and a yellow cowl underside. Markings for another 365 and a 364 machine are given as are extra code letters. All are basically the same camo scheme.

Next is a 109G-6/R6/trop from 70 squadriglia. This one has large areas of Italian blue-grey marking out the former German insignia as with the plane above. Unusually, there is no national insignia on the wings.

The first ANR plane is a 109G-6/R3 of 3a Sq in RLM 74/75/76 with former markings overpainted.

From 2 Sq comes this 109G-6/U3. It has a Erla Haube hood as well as German markings on the fuselage and lower wings. ANR insignia only on the upper wings. It is also painted RLM 74/75/76.

Next is a 109G-6/AS. It has the Erla Haube canopy, tall wooden tail and taller tail wheel strut as well as the more aerodynamic cowling of the later G-10 and K-4 aircraft. Standard RLM 74/75/76 with overpainted fuselage markings. ANR insignia on upper wings only with German crosses on the lower wings.

A 109G-10 is next from the last months of the war. It is in RLM 81/83/76 with an RLM 75/82 rudder. Again, the fuselage and upper wings are overpainted with German insignia on the lower wings only.

Finally one of the three K-4s. This one is painted in a similar manner to the G-10 with overpainted German insignia except on the lower wings.

The best reference for Italian 109s is 'Messerschmitt 109 in Italian Service' by D'amico and Valentini, though the book has long been out of publication. If you can find a copy, get it!

Review copy courtesy of my ever-expanding decal collection.

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