Aeromaster 72-020: B-24 Liberator

Units: Various


Probably $5.00 when new


Scott Van Aken


This is probably Aeromaster's first 1/72 B-24 sheet. Like all of the first year or so's production, the decal placement and painting guide is in greyshades. The move to color also moved the price of the sheet up. As you can see from the sheet itself, there are insignia for two of the three planes on the sheet. All are in bare metal and all of the large color areas for the tail markings are supplied as decals. I'm sure that if you wanted to, you could paint them instead.

First is a B-24G from the 484th BG in Italy during 1944. In August of that year it made an emergency landing in Switzerland during a mission to Friedrichshafen.

Next is a 456 BG B-24J, also from Italy, but this time in 1945. As with the previous aircraft, this one has no de-icer boots.

Finally, A B-24H of the 44th BG in England during 1944. This one does have the dreaded de-icer boots so break out the masking tape for this one!

I'm sure that there are differences regarding nose turrets and upper turrets amongst many things, but you'll just have to check the references to see what applies.

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