Aeromaster 72-019 for the B-24H Liberator

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Scott Van Aken

Many of you will remember when Aeromaster first hit the scene. We were all excited about a new decal company. The printing was great and took things up a notch. Instructions were originally in B&W and they were priced the same as Superscale, which most of us had been using for decades. As with all decal companies, their initial offerings were rife with mistakes. So much so, that they were often called Errormaster. As they learned, there was improvement in this area, but almost all decal makers go with what is around and rarely spend the time or money on research to make sure that everything is 100% correct. That means that if their source book is wrong, so will be the decal sheet.

This sheet is one that covers the B-24H Liberator. If you do your research, you'll discover that much of the difference in later B-24s has to do with the turrets and the nose gear doors (hydraulic vs electric). There are also some small window changes in the bomb aimers compartment that need to be studied.

All three of these planes have colorful tails and are painted in OD over Neutral Grey.

First is 'My Achin' Back' from the 15th AF's 449 BW. The tail in this case is white, yellow and black segments. The sheet provides the yellow and black part; you have to paint the white. There is also a yellow fuselage stripe. All of the de-icer boots were removed so this will be natural metal. There is also a yellow patch on the center section of the horizontal stab that is supplied as a decal.

Next is 'Screamin' Mimi II', from the 451st BG in Italy. This one also has had the de-icer boots removed. Tail markings for this plane are red and white. The upper surface of the horizontal stab is painted red on the right and white on the left. Though no color is given for the red, you are to paint the red section to match the decals. Probably insignia red.

Finally, 'Struggle Buggy' from the 489th BG of the 8th AF. This one has a green and white fin and has retained the de-icer boots. A large 'circle W' is on the upper right wing. This aircraft has no ball turret and uses the greyed out insignia.

Several kits are available for this sheet. First is the geriatric Airfix kit and the other is the much newer Minicraft  kit which comes in several boxings. Image has had the insignia cropped.

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