Aeromaster 72-002 for Bf-109G/K




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Scott Van Aken


Reich Defense pt 1

One of the first subjects in Aeromaster's foray into 1/72 sheets was on the Bf-109G/K. To be more exact, it is on late war aircraft consisting mostly of Bf-109G-10s, G-14s, K-4s and a lone G-6/AS. There are available kits for each of these aircraft except for the G-6/AS. For this variant, you'll need to do a bit of cross kitting with a G-10 or K-4. Basically, you need the nose section fwith the smoother engine cowling. The G-10 is available from ProModeler/Revell of Germany, the K-4 is available from Heller, and the G-14 can be gotten from Hasegawa, though I'm not sure if Hasegawa does the G-14/AS that is needed. Again, it might require cross-kitting to get the proper nose and the tall wooden tail section.

This sheet is nearly a duplicate of an earlier 1/48 sheet, but it does offer a complete set of insignia (not shown) that was missing from the larger scale sheet.

The first aircraft is Black 10, a G-14/AS from IV/JG 5. It has a black and yellow tail band. There are some references which show this plane as a G-10, so it is up to you to make a determination as to which is correct.

Yellow 2 is a Bf-109G-10 with a green and white checked tail band. In 1993 when this sheet was produced, it was thought that the marking was for an Industry Protection Flight, but it is now thought to be a regular unit marking.

Black 4 is another G-10, this time from II./JG 2 with its yellow and white tail band.

White 11 is the 109G-6/AS and is from an unknown unit. This aircraft has a yellow rudder and nose band.

Black <1 is a K-4 from III./JG 53 and is basically unremarkable other than its black RVD band. The aircraft is in the normal late war colors of RLM 81/82/76 with no fuselage mottling.

Finally, is Black 7, a G-10 from I./JG 54 with the green and white tail band. It appears to have a solid fuselage color of possibly RLM 81 with what seems to be a replacement engine cowling in RLM 74 over 76.

Any one of these scheme are most interesting and colorful. You might consider one for your next 109 project.

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