Aeromaster 48-763: Early Phantoms in Combat pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

Phantom II sheets are always welcome and no more so than ones on the early use in Vietnam. These are all F-4C versions and the recommended kit is the Hasegawa version. There are others, but none are as accurate, though the Monogram kit comes closest. There are common markings and insignia enough for three of the four options, though using kit decals for some means you can do all four.

This first aircraft and the two that follow are in the early scheme of light gull grey over white, just like USN F-4B aircraft. In fact, the USAF originally borrowed a couple of squadrons of F-4Bs for work-ups until their own planes became available. Anyway, this plane was the first Phantom II MiG killer when with the 45th TFS. The victim was a MiG-21 on 10 July 1965.

Next was with the 45th TFS and downed a Mig-17 on 10 July as well. This and the other grey/white F-4Cs use USN style straight inboard pylons.

The third in the series was with the 555 TFS in early 1966. None of these planes have the tail mounted ECM fairings so those will have to be removed from the kit.

Finally, a camouflaged MiG killer from the 555 TFS. This one snagged a MiG-21 on 6 January 1967. Like the others, it was based at Ubon, Thailand.

We now have some great F-4C markings so get building!

April 2006

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