Aeromaster 48-750: USAF Korean War Sabre Jets pt II

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Scott Van Aken

The Second Sabre sheet also includes two great options. Again, kits by Academy and Hasegawa are recommended, though the Monogram and Italeri/ESCI kits could also be used if you wish.

The first option is from the 25 FIS/ 51 FIW. 'Jackies Jag' is an F-86E and carried a nice shark mouth.

The other option is 'Shirley's Texas Tornado', from the 16 FIS/ 51 FW in mid 1953. This aircraft is an early F-86F and does not have the wing fences.

Once again, insignia and ID bands for one aircraft. Aeromaster does a sheet of these bands if you wish to do both options.

March 2006

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