Aeromaster 48-744: Oriental Liberators pt 3

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Scott Van Aken

This is the third and final sheet covering fancy nose art bombers from the CBI. The recommended kits, are, of course, from Monogram as no one else does them in this scale. Both are in OD over Neutral grey. This sheet includes the superbly detailed nose art decals. Two sets are given as they are quite fragile and require careful handling. There are white sections of decals to place these upon and one should not use strong setting solutions on these decals.

First up is 'Shooting Star' from the 374 BS/308 BG. This B-24J-25 had a large shark mouth as a yellow rudder.

The other is 'The Goon', a B24D-20 from the 374 BS/308 BG. This old timer has a number of mission markings and a rather faded center to its insignia.

Both of these aircraft were finally lost in early 1945 during missions.

The sheet supplies insignia for both in addition to prop stencils.

November 2005

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