Aeromaster 48-743: Oriental Liberators pt 2

Units: 308 BG




Scott Van Aken

The second neat nose art sheet also covers a pair of B-24Js from the 308 BW. Again, Monogram is your only choice (and the Revell boxing is the same kit).

First aircraft is from the 425th BS in China during late 1944. It is is OD over Neutral grey and carries the shark mouth seen on so many of these aircraft.  'Zoot Chute' is quite weathered in appearance and though not shown, it carried the standard lower ball turret that was often removed from planes operating at low levels.

The other is an unpainted metal aircraft with a black lower surface. 'Willie Maker' is from the 375th BS and is devoid of the usual shark mouth. It has a blue/white/blue rudder marking and has a hard edged demarcation line for the lower camo. It also carries the SCR 729 radar on either side of the nose.

Again, this sheet includes the superb nose art markings that are on a single carrier and must be cut out before use. The white backing is provided as a standard decal.

Insignia and common data markings for one aircraft.

October 2005

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