Aeromaster 48-742: Oriental Liberators pt 1

Units: 308 BG




Scott Van Aken

The current rage with decal sheets is to offer high quality nose art. This is done by several methods, but the end result is a level of detail that standard silk screen printing cannot provide. This sheet, designed for the Mongram B-24J,  has an extra sheet that contains two sets of nose art markings, in case one is botched. These markings have a solid carrier so the modeler must cut out the one desired and then carefully apply it. The appropriate white backing is included as a standard decal as these artwork decals are rather transparent.

Both of the aircraft on this sheet are from the 308 BG operating in the CBI. They are in unpainted metal with black undersides.

First up is 'Ding How Dottie' from the 373rd BS in late 1944. Operating out of China this also includes a shark mouth and a respectable mission tally. Both early and late nose arts are provided in case you wish something a bit more clothed.

The other is a yellow-finned 374 BS aircraft called 'Red Hot Riding Hood. and was lost in a mid-air in Oct 1944. Note that the demarcation lines on both these planes are different and this particular plane has a hard edged line.

Insignia and common data markings for one aircraft.

October 2005

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