Aeromaster 48-706: Erich Hartmann Bf-109s

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Scott Van Aken

The ultimate ace of aces was Erich Hartmann, who in about three years of combat, managed to run up a score of over 350 confirmed victories, nearly all of them on the Eastern Front. It is a record that will probably never be equaled in the annals of aviation history.

This sheet contains five of his 109s, a plane he flew for all his victories. Unless mentioned all are in standard RLM 74/75/76 with varying degrees of mottling. Kits abound with most choosing the Hasegawa versions just because they are easily available and offer a high level of detail. Not shown is a separate 109 stencil sheet that carries markings for three aircraft.

First up is Yellow 1, a 109G-6 from October 1943 with 9./JG 52. Standard eastern front ID markings of yellow fuselage band, lower cowling and lower wing tips.

Second is White 1, another G-6, but from October 1944 when he was with 7./JG 52. This one has his 'tulip' nose.

Another yellow 1 from his time at 9./JG 52 is next, this one from August of 1944. No yellow fuselage band on this one.

In winter white is yet another G-6 from when he was Gruppenkommanedur of I./JG 53. Yellow lower cowl and fuselage band with the V for the Hungarian front in Feb 1945.

Next, a G-10 from April 1945. This is in RLM 75/83/76 and like the previous aircraft has Hartmann's 'tulip' nose. Again, yellow lower cowl and fuselage band with Hungarian front 'V'.

The final scheme is not shown, but is a G-4 from May of 1943 when Hartmann was just getting going. This one has standard scheme and eastern front ID markings. It also has the factory codes simply overpainted with the unit markings. This aircraft carries the 20mm wing cannon pods. 

The instructions show the placement of the 'tulips' as they are different on each aircraft that carried them. A really great sheet for those who like to do the planes of aces.

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