Aeromaster 48-685: JG1 - Defenders of the Reich 1942-43

Units: JG1




Scott Van Aken

Nice to have a Bf-109 sheet and this one has some very interesting aircraft. Having a token FW-190 is nice as well. There are a lot of kits out there for this sheet and most will gravitate towards the Hasegawa or Tamiya versions. I'm sure these decals will fit those kits by Hobbycraft, Otaki, Fujimi and others.

First up is a Bf-109G-6 from 8./JG 1 as flown by Fw. Josef Kehrle from Holland in 1943. Other than the unit badges, it only has a red spinner with white spiral to add interest. Like the other 109Gs and the FW-190, it is painted in the standard scheme of RLM 74/75/76 with fuselage mottling. Note the 'morane' antenna under the wing.

White 1 is from 7./JG 1 and flown  by Oblt Heinz Klopper. This aircraft has a white tail section with Klopper's rather large score on the rudder.

White 3 is also from 7./JG 1 and has a red fuselage band. The spinner has yellow segments and a white tip.

The lone FW-109A-4 is the Technical Officer's plane from II./JG 1. It has a yellow lower cowling and a number of white bands around the spinner.

Finally, an old Bf-109E-3 that has been upgraded with an E-4 canopy. Yellow 25 still has its radio call signs and was assigned to Jagdfliegerschule 1 in Norway during 1942. It has a yellow fuselage band and red/white spinner. Colors are probably RLM 71/02/65 with heavy fuselage mottling.

There are enough insignia decals to do all five options.

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