Aeromaster 48-626: Marauders pt I

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Scott Van Aken

One of the 'Best Sellers' releases, this sheet carries two aircraft. The only kit to use on this one is the Monogram B-26B, which has recently (Aug 2003) been reissued by Revell AG. AMT does a Marauder, but is poorly done and best left to collectors.

First is the famous 'Flak Bait' from the 449 BS/322 BG. It is painted OD over Neutral Grey and is extremely worn, as befits an aircraft that few over 200 combat missions.

The other is a bare metal B-26B-55, 'Milk Run Express' from the 397 BG. It has wider than normal D-Day stripes and a section of OD on the rear fuselage.

Markings are provided for both planes. An addendum sheet (not shown) is added with the correct silver surround code numbers and insignia.

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