Aeromaster 48-616: Ki-84 pt II

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Scott Van Aken

To me one of the neatest Japanese aircraft of WWII was the Ki-84. It was produced enough to find use in many units before the war was over and was a formidable opponent when flown by an experienced pilot. Fortunately for us, there are several kits of this aircraft available in 1/48 with the more recent Hasegawa kit topping the list. You can add the Otaki/Arii one a distant second and the slightly smaller 1/50 Tamiya kit in there as well.

Unless noted, the planes are in Green over Grey-Green with Grey-Green control surfaces. I'd like to point out that the insignia on this sheet are not as dark as on the previous one which leads me to believe that Aeromaster goofed big time on the earlier sheet. However, they are still a bit darker than those in the decal placement guide.

First is from the 520th Regiment  in March 1945. It has three kill markings on the nose.

Next is a bare metal Ki-84 of the 73rd Sentai in the Philippines during late 1944.

From the 29th Regiment HQ squadron comes this blue tailed Hayate with three kills on the fuselage. You'll note that this plane and the previous one has a black anti-glare panel on the nose.

Finally, from the 13th Regiment in Thailand during 1945 is this rather plain aircraft. All Hayates had an unusual green color for the prop blades that is listed as a 'dark grey-green'. I suggest visiting for more info on Japanese colors.

The sheet includes a small one with additional wing walk bands on it. All aircraft will need the leading edge IFF strip painted yellow.

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