Aeromaster 48-591: Battle of Britain Bf-109E pt IV

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Scott Van Aken


Here is yet another 109E sheet from the Classic Publications book. This one has some earlier versions on it compared the the previous sheet. Again, it appears that they all are in RLM 71/02/65 with high fuselage demarcation lines.

First is a Bf-109E-3 from 4/JG 51. White 2 is a rather unusual aircraft as it has a sort of 'sharkmouth' on the nose. Actually and pair of juicy lips holding a cigarette. Most odd.

Next is an E-4 from 2./JG 3. Black 13 has a white spinner with red spiral on it as well as yellow wing and stabilizer tips and a yellow pie section on the upper rudder.

From 9./JG 26 comes this unmottled E-1. Yellow 11 has a nice yellow nose and rudder and carries the 'hollenhund' emblem under the cockpit.

Finally, is Black 5, an E-3 from I./JG 52. The yellow on the nose of this one carries back a bit farther than the norm. and there is no mottling on the fin.

As usual, there are enough stencils and common markings for two of the four aircraft provided on the sheet. I highly recommend obtaining the references to be sure of the various head armor as not all of the planes carried it or had a different design from what's shown in the drawings. For those of you wanting to do an E-1 variant, you can either build the Hobbycraft kit or get the Hasegawa version that has you do a lot of cutting and filling to get things right. We of the lazy brigade will gravitate towards the Hobbycraft kit.

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