Aeromaster 48-583, Bf-109E; Battle of Britain...the Beginning pt 2

Units: Various


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Scott Van Aken

This second 109E sheet covers four aircraft. Though not all the schemes, are labeled, it seems that most of them are in RLM 71/02/65. Unfortunately, there is little difference in color shown between the RLM 71/02 and 70/71 upper color schemes so it is difficult to determine which is which.

The first aircraft is an unmottled 109E-3 of III./JG 51. It is the Technical Officer's plane and is painted in RLM 70/71/65.

Yellow 11 is a I./JG 27 E-3 that appears to be in RLM 71/02/65. It also has no mottling and carries a replacement rudder that is still in primer.

The Stab./JG 2 E-3 is the mount of the Geschwaderkommodore, Harry von Bulow-Bothekamp. It is mottled with a sponge so has a rather 'hard' stippled look. Colors appear to be as on the previous aircraft above.

Finally, White 1, an E-4 from 3./JG 2. Colors are listed as RLM/71/02/65. with a mottling of RLM 71/02. Note how the fuselage cross has had extra black added to it to tone it down somewhat.

Another fine early 109 sheet.

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