Aeromaster 48-582,Bf-109E; Battle of Britain...the Beginning pt 1

Units: Various


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Scott Van Aken

I was really wondering how long it would take the renewed Aeromaster to get back to doing schemes from the Classic 'Jagdwaffe' series of books. It seems not too long.  Though there are other references given, it is rather obvious that the Classic books are the source of most of these schemes.

Anyway, there are five aircraft on this sheet, all of them in the RLM 71/02/65 scheme and most with some form of fuselage mottling.

The initial scheme is for an E-1 of 9./JG 2. Yellow 8 has lots of unit badges and  rather heavy mottling on portions of the airframe.

White 6 is an E-3 from 7./JG 26. There is a small triangle of yellow on the upper rudder.

White 7 is from I./jg 51. This E-3 has mottling in RLM 02/71.

From Stab III./JG 52 is the E-4. This is the aircraft of Olbrecht Drehs who was shot down on 12 Aug, 1940.

Finally, red 14, an E-1 from 2./JG 52 that has no fuselage mottling at all.

A nice sheet for an early BoB 109. Your options are basically Hasegawa, Hobbycraft or Tamiya for the various versions of the 109E.


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