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 Aeromaster 48-515 "Attack in the West" pt 2




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Scott Van Aken



The Aeromaster sheets for Volume I, part 4 of the Classic Books series on the Jagdwaffe have been released. Somehow, they snuck into my local hobby shop without my finding out about them and I stumbled across this sheet the other day. It was the last one :(

Anyway, like the book, this one is solid Bf-109Es. All of them in the same basic scheme of RLM 71/02 uppers with RLM 65 lower surfaces. In fact, they look pretty much alike other than having different unit badges and detail work with one exception. This time of the war, Luftwaffe aircraft were all a bit boring, especially when compared to later war aircraft.

Without any further ado, let's get on to what is on the sheet.

First is an E-1of the Staffelkapitan of 2/JG 26. His red 16 has a nice devil on the fuselage side. This is also given in greys as it is difficult to discern exact colors from a black and white photo.

Next, an E-4 of3./JG 3. Yellow 6 has a wasp design on the fuselage side.

The E-3 of Hans-Hugo Witt, Geswaderkommodore of JG 26 is the more interesting of the five on the sheet. His aircraft has the camouflage going far down the fuselage side and on the fin.

The E-1 is from 2./JG27. This unit had all of its aircraft named after current or former German colonies.

Finally, the E-1 of Hannes Trautloft, Kommandeur of I./JG 20. A very plain aircraft, but one that is historically significant as JG 20 was not a long-lived unit.

There you have it. Another nice sheet from Aeromaster, and one that most Bf-109E fans will have to have.

As a final note, there are only the most basic of stencils on this sheet. You will have to supply the others from the kit decals or get them from Aeromaster's stencil sheet.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet

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