Aeromaster 48-493: Bf-109K -Last of the Breed pt 2

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

For those who want some schemes for the Bf-109K, this sheet offers four options and enough data markings for three of them. All of them are in one of the various patterns for the 109K. For those who are really into the 109K, there is an excellent book on K camouflage that goes into a great deal of detail of the various patterns used for the different 'block numbers'. It may be a bit much for the casual reader, but the real enthusiast will appreciate its coverage.

For kits, you have really two dedicated Ks. One by Fujimi and the other by Hasegawa. The Hasegawa kit is the least expensive of the two and probably the easiest to build, though your author hasn't built one yet! Revell modified their G-10 with gear doors and a tall tail wheel strut to do a K, but it isn't exactly one as they didn't chance the position of the radio access door, among a few of the more minor things.

First plane on this sheet is from II./JG 3. Yellow 8 is in RLM 75/82/76 with the lower demarcation line and no fuselage mottling.

Next is a Stab III./JG 52 bird, the Kommandeur's plane, also in RLM 75/82/76, but with a bit of bottling on the fuselage.

A rather odd bird is next. This one is also in RLM 75/82/76, but has no unit markings. It still has the last three of the serial sprayed on the fuselage and most unusual for a K, does not have a tall, retractable tail wheel. If it weren't for the serial number and rudder shape, I'd say it was a late G-6 or an early G-10.

Finally, white 16 from III./jg 53. This plane is in RLM 81/82/86 with the nose in RLM 75/82, as if the engine had come from another plane. It has the black Reich Defense band for JG 53.

If you like 109s, then you gotta add this sheet to your decal collection!

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