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Aeromaster 48-492 for Bf-109K





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Scott Van Aken


'Last of the Breed Part 1'


It is no secret to those who read these pages that I like Bf-109s. They are just cool planes. What probably draws me to them more than anything is the number of different camouflage schemes that you can paint them in. While they may look the same to you, to those of us who are anal about them, there are an almost infinite number of permutations. If I built nothing but 109s for the rest of my life, I'd probably never find two of them exactly the same in terms of camo.

Well, naturally, I won't do that as there aren't enough years to go and there are other things to build besides the 109. However, that doesn't stop me from buying almost every sheet I see on the Bf-109. Like the F-4, I have way more decal sheets than I have kits to put them on! But that is another story. 

Aeromaster has produced a number of 109 sheets in the last few years and this is one of them. This particular sheet is copyright 2000, which makes it pretty new. Since then, however, there has been a very good and well-researched book on Bf-109K camouflage and it will be interesting to compare this sheet with the book to see if recent findings have made any of the color info supplied here obsolete!

There are four aircraft on the sheet and enough stencil markings to do three of them. It looks as if there are enough insignia for all four. Actually, there should be as late war 109s are basically just insignia, data stencils and perhaps a number or small unit badge. Not exactly difficult to research, unlike the colors.

The first plane on the sheet is Yellow 8 from II./JG 77 in late 1944. This one is in RLM 81/82 with 76 undersides

White 2 is from 9./JG 77 and participated in Operation Bodenplatte. It is in 81/82 upper surfaces. The wings and tailplanes have 76 undersides while the fuselage is in the greenish camo scheme that many have labeled 'RLM 84'.

Yellow 13 is from an unknown unit and painted in RLM 75/82 with a similar underside combination of paint colors as the previous aircraft.

Finally,#209 is one sent to Italy in early 1945. It then had the RSI markings painted on it and was flown by Italian pilots. It is in the 'normal' colors of the itme of RLM 81/82/76

Any of these schemes would look great on your Hobbycraft or Hasegawa 109K

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet. 

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