Aeromaster 48-460 for Bf-109F/G

Units: JG 11 and JG 54




Scott Van Aken

Notes: Augsburg Eagles Pt. X

Hey, here's something that hasn't been reviewed in about a week; a Bf-109 decal sheet! This one covers mid war birds, all with yellow cowlings and fuselage bands of various degrees and sizes.

First is White 2 from Max Ostermann of 7./JG 54 in the fall of 1941. His 109F-2 is in the usual RLM 74/75/76 with lots of mottling . His wing tip undersides and rudder are in RLM 04 yellow as is a small segment of the spinner cap.

Next is another F-2, white 1 from 1./JG 54. Reinhard Sailer's mount is marked in a similar manner to Ostermann's but without the yellow fin and less yellow on the nose. Kill markings are on the rudder in white.

From stab.JG 54 is Hannes Trautloft's 109F-2, also from early 1942. This aircraft has been overpainted with RLM 70/71 equivalents on the upper surface that don't look like any shades of these paints I've ever seen. JG 54 was always experimenting with camouflage and used a lot of local paints for their planes.

Finally, a 109G-6 of Anton Hackl from III./JG 11. This home defense aircraft has a white rudder, typical of  the time in addition to yellow on the under nose and fuselage.

Any of these schemes will look great on your next 109 project. There are many kits to choose from and while the Hasegawa versions will probably get the most press, the ones by Otaki/Arii, Fujimi, and Airfix are not really that bad and often a lot less expensive.

Review sheet crawled out of its protective cover in my decal dungeon and onto the computer.

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