Aeromaster 48-459: Spanish Civil War pt 2

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Scott Van Aken

Back a few years ago, the old Aeromaster had a great deal going with Classic Publications and put out a couple of sheets for each of the new 'Jagdwaffe' books. Sadly that partnership came to an end, though some of the new Eagle Strike sheets make a great deal of use of the Jagdwaffe books for inspiration.

This sheet is from the Spanish Civil war and covers that Bf-109 and He-51. The RLM02 is actually RLM 63. There has been some discussion as to the shade of RLM 63 and it seems as if there are two of them. Early is a light grey and the later is the grey-green that is similar to RLM 02. For my money, if it is a Bf-109B or a biplane then the lighter color is more than likely while later 109s would be the darker. However, it is the modeler's call and I highly recommend checking photo references when making your color determinations on this one.

First is a Bf-109D flown by Werner Molders in RLM 63 over 65 with white wing tips. The 109C and D were externally nearly identical. I've been told that the only real visual difference is an oleo scissor on the tail strut and the slightly larger side windscreens on the D. OK. In reality, not that many C models were built and from what I've read only 4 saw action in the Spanish Civil war so if it isn't a B then it is more than likely a D. Several good Condor Legion references have listed 109s by serial and so that is the easiest way to tell!

Next is a Bf-109E-1, which entered Spain in the last months of hostilities. It is painted like the D above and has a large are behind the exhaust painted black.

The third 109 is a 109B-2 in a disruptive upper surface color of RLM 62/63 over 65. It also has the white wing tips which were a theater marking.

The first He-51 is in a disruptive pattern of RLM 62 over RLM 63. The underside appears to also be RLM 63, making this a most interesting scheme.

Finally, Adoph Galland's He-51 in a rather dark RLM 61/62/65 aircraft.

Though there are other more obscure kits that could be used, you are pretty well limited to the Classic Airframes He-51 and the Hobbycraft/Academy Bf-109B/C/D family.

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