Aeromaster 48-457: Birth of the Luftwaffe pt2

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

Though this sheet has been out for well over a year (maybe two), I didn't get it for my collection until fairly recently, not realizing that I didn't have it! Well, since it has 109s on it, I had to have it! This was one of several sheets done in conjunction with Classic Publications and their Jagdwaffe books before Aeromaster went into receivership. Now that the name has been bought by the previous owner to be reused, I guess the deal with Classics has been voided. Doesn't stop them from using the current round of books for references though!

Anyway, there are four aircraft on this sheet, two early 109s and two He-51s. The He-51s are in overall  RLM 63 (which looks very much like RLM 02). Though the red fin bands are given, it would be a good ideal to paint these on if you have the skill to do so.

The first plane is a Bf-109B-2 from 6./JG 133 and is in RLM 70 over RLM 65. No other info is given, referring one to the book for additional data.

Next is a Bf-109D-1 from Stab./JG233 and is in RLM 70/71 over RLM 65. Again, no additional info given.

The first He-51B-1 is from JG 135 and has the blue trim of this unit.

From JG 132 comes the second He-51, this one with bright red trim. JG 132 'Richtofen' was the first unit with the He-51.

As for kits, well, you are pretty well stuck with the Hobbycraft/Academy kits for the early 109 and Classic Airframes for the He-51.

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