Aeromaster 48-388: Augsburg Eagles pt IX

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

Here's a nice Bf-109 sheet that covers a variety of different variants. It is also interesting to see how opinions on aircraft change depending on time and other factors. What brings this to mind is the second plane on the sheet. I've seen this particular aircraft listed on other decal sheets and in books as either a very late G-6, a G-10, or a G-14. Now the only real way to tell is to match the serial number up against a factory listing. Visually, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between any of the three sub-variants mentioned above as it really could be any one of them. Heck, Aeromaster provides two different serials for this plane, and even did an earlier sheet calling it a different sub-variant than what is given here! Oh the fun of late war 109 identification!

Anyway, let me get into the planes themselves. Unless mentioned, they are in RLM 74/75/76 with mottling of the upper colors and perhaps RLM 02 as well. There are enough insignia on the sheet to do all four planes. Two smaller additional sheets are included. One has data markings for two planes and the other has some revised markings for black 10. There are also some paper stencils for the background colors of the fuselage crosses on some of the choices.

First is a standard 109G-6 from 7./JG 53. These markings come in one of the Fujimi 109G-6 boxings, but these are much better done. Lower cowling is yellow with the rest of the plane having 'southern' or Mediterranean theater markings in white.

Next is the enigmatic Black 10 with the multiple identities. On this sheet it is depicted as a G-14/AS from 14./JG 5 in Norway.

From HLeLv 24 comes this standard Bf-109g-6 from 1944. It carries the standard eastern front markings of yellow fuselage band, lower wing tips and lower cowling, though in this case there is more yellow under the wings and less under the cowling than the norm.

Finally, another JG plane, this time from 5./JG 5 in late 1942. This Bf-109F-4 has a very interesting scheme with upper colors in RLM 70/74/75 with RLM 76 undersides. There may also have been some RLM 02 added but the sheet makers didn't want to guess on that. It has the yellow lower cowling and wing tips of a Finland-based plane. A really unusual one that one can add to the 'non-standard 109 colors' collection.

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