Aeromaster 1/48 48-386, Ausberg Eagles Pt VIII

MSRP $6.70

Another in a fine line of Bf-109 sheets, part eight has four very interesting schemes for mid-war 109s, with one late war scheme.

The first one, Yellow 4, is a 109F-4 of 9./JG 3 from the Russian front. It is in a field applied scheme of RLM 79/80 and 75 over 76. Interestingly, this scheme is also in one of the Monogram Close-Ups, but in a darker scheme and without the 79.

Next is Red 2, a 109G-10 from 2./JG 300 in the fall of 1944. It is in a scheme of 75 and 74 upper with a dark red or maroon tail band and yellow nose cowl.

The 109F-2 with the red nose is a colorful aircraft flown by 'Assi' Hahn, a ace who ended the war with 108 victories.

Finally, another ace's aircraft, this one for Hans Von Hahn, from 1./JG 3 in Russia from 1942. This is a standard colored scheme with the side mottled in rings. Good luck trying to airbrush this one!!