Aeromaster 48-383 fpr Bf-109s

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Scott Van Aken

Notes: Ausburg Eagles Pt V


For those few folks out there who can never get enough 109s, here is a rather interesting sheet that covers a wide array of 109s.

First is a 109G-6/AS from 2/JG 3 in overall RLM 76. For those wondering how to do a G-6/AS, simply get a Revell/Monogram 109G-10 (for the short tail wheel) and a Hobbycraft G-6. Use the fuselage of the Revell kit with the Hobbycraft bits. Sand off the nose bumps and rudder trim tabs and you pretty well have a G-6/AS.

Next is a normal G-6 from 1./JG 27 with the Reich Defense band, a yellow undernose and white rudder.

The G-6, Blue 29, is a most interestingly painted plane. It is supposed that it is a training unit, which would explain the  high fuselage number. This RLM 82/83/76 painted plane is heavily mottled with RLM 76.

Finally a 109F-4 from JG 5 in Finland. it is in a rather odd combination of RLM 70/74/75 carried down rather low on the fuselage, over 76 with a yellow cowl bottom and wing tips. The unit badge is given as a single or two part construct.

Please note that the sheet may look a bit short as I'll often crop off common markings to save on server space.

Review sheet courtesy of my ever expanding decal collection.

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