Aeromaster 48-349: Shturmoviks pt III

Units: Various


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Scott Van Aken

Built is huge numbers by the Soviets during WWII, the IL-2 was one of the major weapons of the war on the Eastern Front. While shot down in rather large numbers by the Jagdwaffe and Flak units, there were always more and soon it became the major aerial assault aircraft as used by the VVS. Though no distinction was made between the one and two seat versions or any additional modifications, Westerners have tacked the name IL-2/3m for the two seat aircraft that are on this sheet.

The Accurate Miniatures is the kit of choice for this plane and all the planes are painted in Green and Tan uppers with Light Blue undersides. No insignia are on the upper wings of any versions.

First up is white 94, from the 743 ShAP. It has a patriotic slogan and four kill markings on the back along with three white fuselage stripes. Your editor did this plane in 1/72 many decades ago, using the Airfix kit and hand painting all the aft fuselage stuff.

Next is a red-nosed white 25 named 'Avenger'. Both the forward part of the gear bulges and the tail are in white as well.

White 482 has a white prop spinner and some additional black green added to its camo.

White 23 is a UIL-2 operational trainer, so unarmed.

Finally, white 14 of a Yugoslav unit used in night ops during 1949. The fuselage band and rudder are in yellow with the upper band washed out.

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