Aeromaster 48-294; Bf-109s, Air War over Italy pt2

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Scott Van Aken

Yup, another 109 sheet. This one is a bit different in that it concentrates on late war 109s in Italian service. These are all G-10s or G-14s with the ANR. They are, for the most part, in RLM 74/75/76. In addition to the 'standard' ANR markings of the Italian flag, these all have German crosses on them as well to prevent them from being shot down by Axis defenses. Some of them have ANR fasces on the upper wing and an addendum sheet (not shown) provides those.

Now to the aircraft. First is a G-14. Like the other G-14s on this sheet, it has the tall wooden fin and rudder. This particular rudder is painted in RLM 81/82. This plane probably did not have the ANR fasces on the upper wing.

Next is a Croatian G-14 with a yellow rudder and nose. The previous markings have been overpainted in RLM 65 or 78. Note that this plane has the short tail wheel.

A G-14/AS is next  and this one probably does have fasces on the upper wing as there are only German crosses on the lower wings. This one also has the older ANR coding on the rear fusealge. The /AS version has the smoother forward cowling over the gun breeches. To my knowledge, only Fujimi does a G-14/AS in 1/48

Finally, the lone G-10/AS, though it could be a regular G-10. I suggest checking the references to be sure as the differences are subtle. It is possible that this plane has the upper wing fasces; your choice on this one as upper wing photos are not very common.

Review sheet courtesy of my increasing 109 decal sheet collection.

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