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 Aeromaster 48-293 for Bf-109s




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Scott Van Aken


Air War Over Italy Part 1


As with most of Germay's Axis partners, Italy was the recipient of much in the way of aircraft. While Italy produced some fine aircraft, their production capabilities were not up to the task of waging a war. Therefore, much modern equipment, including aero engines, had to be found elsewhere and Germany was the only likely source. Of course, one of the most available airframe types was the Bf-109 and Italy received quite a number of them.

This particular sheet covers the planes used by the ANR and by those Luftwaffe units based in Italy after the surrender in September 1943.

First off is Red 16 from 8./JG 53. This particular Bf-109G-6 has the taller wooden tail that was just coming into use. It is is in RLM 74/75/76, but with large patches of RLM 79.

Black 12 is an ANR Bf-109G-6 and like the above aircraft has the tall wooden tail and RLM 74/75/76 scheme, though without the RLM 79 patches. There is a yellow under cowl, and other than small RSI flags, the markings are typical for German units of the time.

Yellow 8 is from 3./JG 4 and is in full desert colors of RLM 79/80 over RLM 78. These are painted in a patchwork method. It also has the white Med Front fuselage band.

Finally, the lone 109G-10 on the sheet. It is also painted in standard colors of RLM 74/75/76, but with fuselage markings painted out and ANR flags in their stead.

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