Aeromaster 48-272: B-39s over Korea pt 1

Units: 30 BS/19 BG




Scott Van Aken

I know very few modelers who don't have a Monogram B-29 somewhere in their kit stash. It is one of those aircraft that most everyone has but very few actually build. It is the lot in life of large kits that they get bought, but rarely built. I guess it has something to do with space. Face it. For the space taken up by one B-29 model, you can easily put a a half dozen  1/48 single engined fighters. Even the idea of hanging it on the wall (which is what I do with many of my huge plane models) doesn't work as often a significant other will not approve of such a display method. So these kits sit and languish, or get traded from hand to hand until they are forgotten or destroyed. So much the pity.

Anyway, Aeromaster has produced some aftermarket sheets in the hopes of resurrecting those fallen and forgotten kits from your basements and attics. This particular one is for two planes from the 30th BS/19th BG in Okinawa. These were part of the initial strategic bombing campaign that was rather short lived (due mostly to running out of targets). On both aircraft you have to paint the blue areas of the nose, wing and tail tips. You also have to paint the large black band on the fin and the dreaded de-icing boots!

The first plane is "Southern Comfort" with a nice large nose art and a respectable tally of missions. Unfortunately for we degenerates, this sheet gives the decal after the naughty bits were painted over thanks to a prudish general's wife.

The other plane on the sheet is 'Atomic Tom'. This aircraft is allegedly the first B-29 to drop bombs on Korea.

Insignia will have to come from another source as there isn't room on the sheet for them. Interestingly, there are spare patches of skin color for the nude! Perhaps for us to 'back date' the nose art??

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