Aeromaster 48-238 "Marauding Emils, pt 2"

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Scott Van Aken

I know, that like me, you cannot get enough stuff for the Bf-109. That is why you have yet another great 109 decal sheet review. This particular sheet is for the early birds; the 109Es. Most of them are in the 1940 scheme of RLM 71/02/65. Those with mottling are so mottled in RLM 02/71. Some of them are from the Battle of Britain period as seen by the various sections of yellow on the cowling or rudder, though not all BoB planes had these ID markings applied.

First on the list is an E-3 version from JG2 during January 1940. It is the mount of the Kommodore, Oberst von Massow as can be seen by the fuselage markings. It is devoid of mottling and has the swastika in the old position along the rudder hinge line. It also has the HUGE under wing crosses that were sometimes carried early in the war.

Next is white 1, an E-4/N of Hptm. Machold with 7./JG 2 in September 1940. This one has just a yellow rudder with an RLM 71 space in it for his rather high kill score.

Yellow 1 is the E-3 of 'Pips' Priller when he was with 6./JG 51 in October 1940. His plane has his score on the fin instead of the rudder. The rudder and full nose is painted in RLM 04 yellow.

Red 12 is from 3./JG 27. This E-3 was flown by Feldwebel Arnord in August 1940. His plane is RLM 71 on the uppersides with no RLM 02 color at all. No mottling on this one.

Finally, is Red 1 with 5./JG 51. Hpt. Tietzen's E-3 is in standard colors, but with no ID markings and with the fuselage insignia placed further forward than the norm for August 1940.

There you have it. Five interesting schemes for your next Emil. I'd recommend some additional research into these schemes to ensure proper info. Though Aeromaster offers references, they have been known to make mistakes (as have all the decal makers).

Please note that the sheet may look a bit short as I'll often crop off common markings to save on server space.

Review sheet from my immense decal collection.

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