Aeromaster 48-228, Bf-109s of JG 3

Units: JG 3




Scott Van Aken

This time, the Bf-109 sheet covers a single Jagdgeschwader; JG 3. As with most Luftwaffe jagdgeschwader (the equivalent of Allied wings), several times various Gruppe (groups; of which most geschwader contained four) were spread out all over the war fronts where they were most needed. It was not uncommon to have a gruppe in Russia, one on the home front, one in the Mediterranean and another in France. Once in theater, it was not uncommon for each gruppe to have several staffeln (squadrons; generally three or four per gruppe) spread out to various bases. Such was the case with JG 3.

First aircraft is yellow 12, a 109F-4/trop of 6./JG 3 in Sicily circa 1943. It is in RLM 79 upper with RLM 78 lower and a mottle of RLM 80.

Black 1 is I./JG 3's Gruppenkommandeur's aircraft. This G-4 is in standard RLM 74/75/76 with light mottling and was based in Germany during mid 1943.

The yellow-nosed F-2 was flown by the technical officer of I./JG 3  on the eastern front during mid 1941. It has the usual eastern front ID markings. It had upper wings of RLM 71/02 with an upper fuselage of RLM 75. Lower sides were RLM 76 and large 'ripples' of RLM 70 were painted on the fuselage.

White 11 has the large comet markings of 7./JG 3. This G-6 is in the usual RLM 74/75/76 though there are patches of RLM 02 covering previous markings. This aircraft had the lower landing gear doors removed and carried underwing cannon.

Finally, White 7, an F-2 from 1./JG 3 in the eastern front. It has 71/02 upper surfaces and RLM 76 lowers as well as the standard eastern front yellow fuselage stripe, under cowl and lower wing tips.

Five really neat markings for your upcoming 109 model.

Review sheet courtesy of your 109-loving editor.

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