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 Aeromaster 48-220 Hungarian AF pt 1




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During World War II, the Hungarian air force was on the side of the Germans. This was mainly due to the desire to get back territory lost to the Russians after WW I. Like the Germans, Hungary was denied an air force by the treaty that ended WW I. Unlike the Germans, Hungary did not get started on rebuilding their military until the eve of WW II. The main result was that most aircraft were not of local origin. Most of the aircraft of the Hungarian Air Force were obtained from Italy or Germany. 

Because of this, the first fighter aircraft were Italian. First the CR.32 then the CR.42 and Re.2000. After Hungary entered the war against Russia, Germany began supplying more modern Bf-109F/G and later Fw-190 aircraft. These were much more capable of fending off attacking Allied bombers.

This Aeromaster sheet contains four Bf-109s of various marks. The decals are provided for all the insignia as well as the red and green for tail and rudder stripes. The kits suggested are the Hasegawa 109s and the Revell 109G-10.

First aircraft is a Bf-109G-14AS from the end of the war. It is in RLM 82/75 upper with RLM 76 lower surfaces. Fusealge mottling is in the upper surface colors. It has a yellow cowl ring and rudder but no yellow wing or fuselage markings. The wing marking scheme on the back page shows yellow wing tips, but ignore it as it is an error.

Next is a Bf-109F-4 from 1943. It is in the standard RLM 74/75/76 scheme. It has yellow wing tips undersides and a yellow fuselage band with full color tail markings.

The Bf-109G-6 next on the sheet is also in RLM 74/75/76. This one is in full Hungarian Eastern Front markings with  not only yellow wing tips and fuselage band but also a yellow under nose, rudder and spinner. Mottling is in upper surface colors and very light.

Finally a Bf-109F-4 in winter camo. It has the full color tail markings as well as yellow wing tips and fuselage band. There is also a yellow spinner. The upper surface is white with RLM 76 lower surfaces.

All in all, four very interesting aircraft and one that the 109 enthusiast should not overlook.

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