Aeromaster 48-207: B-24 Liberators

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Scott Van Aken


It surprises me the number of B-24 decal sheets that are out there. What makes it so surprising is that one sees so few B-24s at contests. Apparently, the sheets are either hoarded by collectors or the kits are just too much hassle to take to shows.

This sheet has markings for three planes, but one plane has two sets of markings. All are in Olive Drab over Neutral Grey. Your only choice of kit in 1/48 is the behemoth by Monogram.

First is 'Gipsy Queen' from the 44th Bomb Group. The outer fin is natural metal with a black stripe.

Next is 'Double Trouble' from the 467th BG. It has an outer fin in Red and white.

The double plane is 'Blasted Event'. Markings are provided for both the 445th BG (upper) and the 487th BG (lower). The 487th BG was the first group to own the plane.

The sheet itself is quite large, consisting of a sheet and a half. There are enough insignia for one of the four choices. As you can see, you'll have t paint the tail stripes for two of the aircraft, but that shouldn't be too much trouble to do.

Review sheet courtesy of me.

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