Aeromaster 48-165 for Bf-109E
'Emils over Europe Pt 1'

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet is for early war 109Es. Most of them are in the RLM 70/71 over RLM 65 scheme with differing degrees of mottling on the fuselage sides. Available kits are not difficult to find as there are E-3/E-4 kits available from Tamiya, Hasegawa and Hobbycraft that are quite acceptable.

First is yellow 14 from 3./JG 2. This one is in the 70/71/65 scheme with rather heavy mottling on the side in RLM 71. Aeromaster wasn't sure if it was an E-3 or E-4 as often the E-3 canopies were replaced with the E-4 version.

From 7./JG 27 come this yellow nose and tailed E-4 version. It is unusual in having a single color for the upper fuselage, in this case RLM 71 is the best guess. Whether Green 1 continues this on the wings is subjective. You may notice that the yellow on the tail is a bit darker than the other yellow. Because of its slight transparency, yellow is a difficult color to pin down. It could be anywhere from a rather light to a rather dark shade, depending on the underlying surface and how densely it was applied.

Another yellow nosed aircraft is Black 5 from 2./JG 52. This 109E-4 has mottling in what is stated as RLM 74, but is more than likely a locally mixed paint that is similar in shade.

White 7 is a mottle-free 109E-3 from 7./JG 26. It has only a small yellow section on the rudder to set off its RLM 70/71/65 scheme.

Finally, from JG 53 is Oblt Von Crameon's Bf-109E-3. It has RLM 02 fuselage mottling and the red nose band common on JG 53 aircraft at this time.

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