Aeromaster 48-129: JG 53 Bf-109s

Units: JG 53




Scott Van Aken

Once again we go into the wonderful world of the Bf-109. This particular sheet (also done in 1/72) is for the aircraft of JG 53, and in particular for their stay in Tunisia and Sicily during 1942/43.

First is a Bf-109 F-4 flown by the Gescwaderkommodore in Sicily during May of 1942, Obl. von Maltzahn. Standard RLM 74/75/76 fighter colors with a white fuselage band and a yellow lower engine cowling.

Yellow 13 is a G-2 from 3./JG 53 in Tunisia, January 1943. It is in RLM 79 over RLM 78 with RLM 80 mottling. Prop hub and fuselage band is white.

In a similar scheme is Yellow 7 from the same unit. This G-4, also from Tunisia, though the upper surface color is in larger patches.

From 5./JG 53 in Sicily is black 2, a G-6 is standard colors. It has a white rudder and a black and white spiraled prop hub.

Not shown is white one, an F-4 from 4./JG 53. It is also in standard colors with a white band, white nose and yellow lower cowling.

There are lots of Bf-109F and G kits to choose from, though the recommended kits are the Hasegawa versions.

Sheet courtesy of the reviewer.

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