Aeromaster 48-110 for JG 26 Bf-109Es

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Scott Van Aken


JG 26 is the 'Schlageter' Jagdgeschwader that is famous for having Adoph Galland as its gescwaderkommodore for a number of years. It also produced a goodly number of aces during that particular time.

This sheet is full of 1940 era aircraft in three distinctly different camo schemes, though it may be tough to see that from the grey scale profiles. The patterns are basically the same, with different colors involved.

First is a Bf-109E-1 from 1./JG 26 in March 1940. It is is in RLM 71/02 over RLM 65

Next is Red 7, a 109E-3 from 6./JG 26 also in RLM 71/02/65.

Red 13 is another 109E-1, but this one is stated as being in RLM 74/75 over 65. Somehow, I doubt it. First of all, if the upper surface was in 74/75 then 76 was the underside color. Secondly, unless this plane was seriously damaged, it would not have been repainted in these colors. Finally the date given is early 1940. While it is not impossible for it to be in those colors later in the year, I find it difficult to believe it would have been painted that way so early in the year. More than likely it was in 71/02/65 and that is the way I would paint mine.

The 2./JG 26 'Red 5' from late 1940 is an E-4 listed as being in RLM 70/71 over 65 with RLM 02 mottling. Perhaps, though generally, by the time the E-4 was coming off the production lines, RLM 70/71 uppers were no longer being painted. It is more likely in 71/02/65 or even 74/75/76.

Finally, is Red 2, also from 2./JG 26. This one is in RLM 71/02 over 65 and has a yellow nose and rudder, typical of late 1940 109s as an easy identification marking.

Since this is an early sheet and Aeromaster was known as 'Errormaster' early in their history, (due to their rush to print before doing careful research, a trait that many decal companies still do) I'd highly recommend checking references before applying paint to any of these schemes.

Though I haven't checked, I'd be more than willing to bet that several of these aircraft have been featured in the Classic Publications 'Jagdwaffe' series and even in later Aeromaster sheets.

Please note that the sheet may look a bit short as I'll often crop off common markings to save on server space.

Review sheet courtesy of my ever increasing decal collection.

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