Aeromaster Sheet # 48-037 for Bf-109B/C/D

$5.00 Retail  

This particular sheet is a very early one for Aeromaster.  It does not have the color instruction sheet that current releases have and it also has the swastikas broken into two parts.  Unlike others, it is divided into an inner and an outer section.  Unfortunately, the white is off register making the swastikas unusable.  This lack of registration does not harm the crosses as the part 'leaking' out can be cut off.

There are seven schemes offered; four Spanish and three German.  There are enough insignia to make one Spanish and two German aircraft.  

Three of the four Spanish War aircraft are painted in RLM 63 grey upper and 65 blue lower. The German aircraft are 70/71 uppers and 65 lowers, with the last two having 70 and 02 mottle on the sides.

First aircraft is a 109B from JG 88 during the Spanish Civil war. This scheme has large code letters and 4 kill marks. This particular aircraft has an unusual scheme of RLM 62 green on the fuselage and RLM 61 dark brown wings. It doesn't say what color the tailplanes are. 65 is the undersurface color.

Next is a Spanish AF 109B-2 version from 1939 in standard colors.  

The next two are the same aircraft, a 109D-1 of the Condor Legion, just with different pilots of JG 88. The upper Hptm. Handrick and the lower Hptm. Grabmann.  All the JG88 aircraft have white wing tips

Next three are Luftwaffe aircraft in relatively standard schemes.  N+8 is  a 109C-2 of 10.(N)/JG26 from August 1939. It has yellow underside wing tips and a yellow fuselage band.

GA+MK is another 109C-2 from Pilot School A/B 102 at Zagreb in 1942.  This one also has a yellow fuselage band and under side wing tips.

Final scheme is a 109C-2 of JFS 1 in 1940. As with other training aircraft, it has a yellow fuselage band.

All seven  schemes look great and it will be a tough decision figuring out which to use.  All these are for the Hobbycraft early 109 kits.