Aeromaster 48-014: Bf-109Es

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

Let's do a short ride in the way-back machine on this one. This is one of the first sheets produced by the initial Aeromaster company. It is dated 1992 and as such was only $5 and sported a grey scale decal placement guide. Things have changed quite a bit in the last 10 years. For one thing, the sheets are nearly twice as expensive and the instructions are in color. However, it is of one of my fave planes, the Bf-109. Suggested kits were the Hasegawa or Hobbycraft Bf-109Es and that is still true today.

First is a 109E-4 of 9./JG 2 in September 1940. This Battle of Britain Emil has a full suite of ID marks for the channel front, including the yellow nose, yellow rudder and yellow upper and lower wing tips. Colors are RLM 71/02/65.

Next is another E-4, but this time from 8./JG 53. This one is in RLM 70/71/65, but has a high demarcation line. It also has yellow on the nose and rudder as was the norm in October 1940. The red cowling ring was a 'unit badge' for JG 53. As you can see from the 1/72 model of this plane (shown below), there have been a few differences in camouflage presentation since this sheet was released.




The next E-4 is from Stab./JG 1. It carries the RLM 70/71/65 scheme with a very high fuselage demarcation line. It is also free of mottling and other theater markings as would have been proper for a Dutch based plane of early summer in 1940 prior to the use of the yellow ID markings.

From 9./JG 2 comes this E-4. Instead of yellow it carries a white nose. It was based in France during the summer of 1940.

Final aircraft is a Bf-109E-3 from 3./JG 53. This plane has an RLM 70/71/65 scheme with no fuselage mottling and a major portion of the fuselage side in RLM 71. It has the full suite of yellow on nose wings and rudder. It also carries the yellow onto the fin and the tail plane tips. Below is a look at this particular scheme as done on a 1/72 kit. As you can see, later research turned up a few minor differences in the markings. 

As the actual markings for the planes are minimal, there is plenty of room on this sheet for a full complement of national insignia.

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