Aeromaster 48-002: Finnish WWII Aces

Units: Various


$5.00 when new in 1992


Scott Van Aken

Hopping into the way-back machine, here is another oldie, at least as far as Aeromaster is concerned. This sheet has Finnish Aces on it with a variety of planes. Most of them were painted in standard Black, Dark Green over Light Blue, though there are a few in winter camo where the Black is overpainted with White. All have yellow nose bands, fuselage bands and lower wing tips.

First is a Bf-109G-2 from 2/HLeLv 24 flown by Eero Riihaikallio in early 1944. He had 16 1/2 victories. Don't write me letters if I misspell any names as I'm copying them from the instruction sheet. Write Aeromaster instead!

MT-222 is another G-2, but from 1/LeLv 24 in late 1943, this aircraft is oversprayed RLM 74 on the upper surfaces and flown by Ilmari Juutilaninen, Finlands top ace with 94 1/2 victories. A note says that this plane had G-6 wings with the wheel bulges.

Oiva Tuominen's G-2 is in standard camo of RLM 74/75/76. The national insignia on this plane was toned down with an RLM 74 light overspray. This ace achieved 44 victories with 2/LeLv 34.

From 3/LeLv 24 is this Brewster Buffalo of ace Hans Wind in September 1943. He got a total of 75 kills, many of them in the Buffalo. The Finns seemed to be the only people who did well with this plane.

From the Summer of 1942 is the plane of 2/LeLv 24s Vanino Pokela. He managed 5 kills during the war which was all that was needed to become an ace!

Red 2 is the MS.406 of Marti Kalima. He flew this plane with 2/TLeLv 14 and amassed 10 1/2 victories.

Finally, is Black 5, another MS.406 but with 1/LeLv 26 in early 1943. Antti Tani ended the war with 21 1/2 kills to his credit.

For kits you have many for the 109G. The Buffalo you have only the Tamiya kit and you need to modify the nose with a different engine from what the kit provides. For the MS.406 you really have to look. The Hobbycraft kit is a joke, the Classic Airframes is much better but still not the best. Apparently the JGMT resin kit is the best around.

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