Aeromaster 72-142: F2A Buffalo Collection part 1

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Scott Van Aken

This is one of Aeromaster's more interesting sheets in that it covers seven different options.  The Buffalo is not a kit one sees built all that often. There have been five different manufacturers who've done kits of this aircraft of which I can remember. Very early efforts were by Matchbox, Revell and Airfix. One does wonder if Airfix will include this in their future releases as the provide new toolings of old favorites. There have also been kits produced by Hasegawa and MPM/Special Hobby with the latter being the newest. However, most will pick the Hasegawa kit (which is recommended in the instructions) as it does not suffer from the fiddlyness that often accompany the short run kits from the MPM batch.

First up is an overall light grey F2A-2 from VF-2 aboard the USS Saratoga in 1941.

Next in the later blue-grey over light grey scheme is an F2A-3 from VF-2 in January 1942.

Third options is a Buffalo 339E with 453 squadron at Singapore in late 1941. RAF colors with a black

The B339C was with 1-VLG-1 of the Dutch East Indies air force on Java in February 1942. This plane was painted in Olive Drab and Green 42 over unpainted metal.

With the red tail section is an F2A-2 based at NAS Miami in 1942 as an advanced trainer.

White 24 was another advanced trainer from NAS Miami. This F2A-2 was painted in the later scheme.

Finally an F2A-2P from VMF-211 based in San Diego in mid 1942.

Decals are nicely printed and the sheet comes with full color instructions.

June 2019

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