Aeromaster 72-134: Hurricanes at War part 1

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

Though an older sheet, this one covers a nice variety of Hurricane I and IIC aircraft. Despite it relative obsolescence, the type was still very useful after the early stages of the war in secondary roles and theaters of operation. For instance they made passable night fighters before airborne radar, were capable fighters for escort carriers, and quite usable in places like the Mediterranean, where the opposition was not flying the latest and greatest. Its partial fabric construction meant that most bullets would simply make holes without causing any appreciable damage. They were also rugged and easy to repair in the field.

We have five different options on this sheet with a nice variety of camouflage schemes.

First up is a desert scheme plane with the lower cowling and wing leading edges in a mottle of sand and green using Italian paints. This 274 squadron plane has a tropical sand filter.

Next a night fighter from 87 squadron in 1941. A red nose flash and spinner. This and the previous plane are Mark Is.

A Mark II from the same unit as above but at a later date is the third option. Like that plane, this one was flown by the squadron leader.

The fourth option is a Sea Hurrican IA based at Lee-on-Solent. Scheme is dark slate grey, extra dark sea grey over what appears to be sky but may be azure blue.

The final option is a Sea Hurricane IIC from 835 squadron aboard HMS Nairana. Though neither this one or the previous plane show any hook in the drawings, I'd think it would have it. Overall white with black stripes under the wing and a black anti-glare panel.

No kit is specified for this sheet, but there are good ones from Hasegawa, Revell, and Airfix that could be used. 

May 2019

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