Aeromaster 48-397: Stinging Hornets

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

This older sheet from 1998 contains markings for two aircraft. Both are in the Tactical Paint Scheme of FS 36375 and 36320, two colors that are very close to each other. Even though the instructions list an option 2 and option 3, there are only two sets of markings.

First up is an F-18C from VFA-82 Marauders aboard the USS George Washington. This was one of the last legacy Hornets built.

The other is an F-18A despite the drawing showing it as a C. The instructions are not helpful as apparently the images of this VMFA-251 aircraft were unable to provide a serial number of a pilot's name. Still, an interesting scheme for those modeling Marine air.

The sheet is nicely printed and contains data markings for one plane. The recommended kit is by Hasegawa though the markings may well fit others with some adjustment.

September 2017

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