Aeromaster 48-366: Augsburg Eagles part IV

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

Continuing with olde Aeromaster sheets is this one on the Bf-109. These are all F and G versions and unless noted, are in the standard scheme of RLM 74/75/76 with various degrees of mottling.

First up is a G-6 from III./JG 3 in early 1944. Dense white spiral around a black spinner with the unit's comet marking on the fuselage. The decals provide a black spiral so you can paint the spinner white to get the same effect.

A G-2 is the second option and this one is from 7./JG 54 in Russia during 1943. Typical of the unit the upper colors are non-standard and could be RLM 79/80/71 on the upper surface. Usual eastern front markings in yellow with the fuselage band going through the insignia.

THird is another G-6, this time in Yugoslavia with 4./JG 53 in 1943. White rudder and a RLM 75 fuselage band.

Finally, an F of IV/JG 52 with a full yellow nose and large fuselage band from Russia in early 1942.

Decals themselves are nicely printed and you get enough insignia for all four options. Stencils will need to come from the kit or another sheet. This sheet was produced in 1997 and printed by Microscale.

September 2017

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