Aeromaster 48-076: Island Hopping Corsairs

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet has markings for seven aircraft. Most of them are in the tricolor scheme of mid war Corsairs. Most are the F4U-1A versions with the improved canopy.

First up is 'Ring-Dang-Doo' from VMF-217 operating during the Peleliu  fighting in 1944. Forward cowl, prop hub , small section on the upper fin are white as are two broad stripes on the horizontal stabilisers.

Next is a VF-17 plane based on Bougainville in 1944. Large area of white tape to help seal the upper fuel tank on this.

Third is from VMF-321 'Hells Angels'  aboard the USS Kwajalein during raids on Rota and Pagan islands in 1943. White forward cowling.

Another VF-17 is the somewhat famous 'LA City Limits' while operating at Ondonga in 1943. This one uses the red surround insignia.

'Lonesome Polecat' is another plane from VF-17 while they were at Bouganville in 1944.

The only Birdcage plane is this one from VMF-222 with some nose art. Early Corsair two color camo.

Finally, yet another VF-17 plane, this time as flown by ace Roger Hedrick in 1944.

At the time of this sheet, the best kit was by Arii/Otaki, and it is still a nice kit for an F4U-1A. However, since then we have the very nice, though a touch fiddly kit from Tamiya that pretty much everyone will use.

September 2017

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