Aeromaster 48-061: Butcher Birds II

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

Here is a nice general FW-190 sheet with seven options (two are not shown). This sheet was printed in 1993 and at that time the Dragon FW-190A series was about all that was available. So to do the A-4 variant, a Medallion Models conversion was recommended. Of course today there are a variety of excellent FW-190 kits available in this scale and those should all work well with this sheet. Unless mentioned, the scheme on these is RLM 74/75/76 with mottling of various density.

First option is an A-4 variant from 1943 flown by Josef Wurmheller with 9./JG 2. Yellow rudder and lower engine cowling.

In several shades of green is an aircraft of I./JG 54 in Russia during 1943. This is also an A-4 version and has yellow theater markings with the fuselage band through the fuselage insigina.

An A-5 this time as flown by Hermann Graf. Yellow rudder and lower cowling.

An A-8 is this one from 5.(Sturm)/JG 300 Red fuselage band.

Another A-8 from 8. (Sturm)/ JG 3. THis plane has a black cowling.

Not shown is a desert camo F-8 with 2./SG 2 in Italy during 1943.

Finally a G-2 version with 5./SG 1 in 1943 with yellow fuselage band, lower cowling and wing tips.

The decals on this 1993 are nicely printed. Insignia will have to come from the kit or other source.

August 2017

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