Aeromaster 48-006: FW-190A Butcher Birds

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

This sheet is from 1992 and still uses greyscale instructions and the paper packet to hold the sheet and instructions. There are five options in this one with at least one error.

First up is an A-8 variant from 7/JG 300 with the blue/white/blue Reich defense band. Standard camo of RLM 74/75/76.

The next option is listed as an A-8 but has since been shown to be an A-9. This is from II./JG 301, also in standard camo with a red and yellow defense band.

An overall RLM 76 aircraft is the A-8 from an unknown units

 A nice I./JG 54 A-8 variant from 1943 is the A-6 version and in non-standard camouflage that was often used by this unit. Instructions say it was two shades of green sprayed over the standard camo. Yellow band through the fuselage insignia

Finally an FW-190A-4 from Stab. II./JG 1 in standard camo from March 1943

This was designed for the DML kits, but there are plenty of good 190As currently on the market you can use. There sheet comes with some patch colors for the bands.

August 2017

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